Tuesday, September 2, 2014

My Week In Review

I've been so crazy I haven't had time to even think about writing. the BookFace has even only been getting shared links and pictures.

So instead here is a recap:

Work was crazy as usual. It's budget time so all of you in I.T. understand what than means lots of numbers and justifications for why you want to upgrade things. Add to that an RFP going out this week and two systems with nasty ancient bugs that decided to wake up from the dormant slumber made things fun. Oh and I was handed a project that another Lead is struggling with. YEAH me!? My reward for being able to do my job is I get to do others as well.

Thusday was the FFL draft. No not Firearm license. Fantasy Football, aka D&D for Jocks.

Friday was margarita night, my wife's cousin's 30th.

Saturday was LSU tailgating an football.
That was fun but the tigers need to quit waiting till the 4th quarter to play for keeps. My blood pressure cant take it.
Besides that I ran into a guy that I carpooled with when I was in 1st and 2nd grade. This was from a State over and 30+ years later. Interestingly enough he is friends with the couple we went with and shooting buddies with another good friend of mine. Small world. He used to come over and shoot bb-guns in the back yard with us.

Sunday was recovery day and Fundamentals night.

After two good naps I drug my butt out of bed and went shooting. Shiloh had a low light class. It was fun and did not do bad but realized it's time for night sights for the Shield, except NOBODY makes 3 dots for the Shield, at least not with a square front on the rear sight. The XD needs them too but I keep toying with the idea of selling it and getting a M&P 9.

Keep thinking about a rail mounted light or a light laser combo like the Crimson Trace CMR-205.

Except I can't find any Kydex for it much less a Safariland with thumbdrive.

I have video but all you see is the light splash off of the barrier and a few muzzle flashes.

Monday was catchup around the house day. Although I did not make time to clean the gun.

I ended up running my shield in the class. I am really liking it. I am still partial to the blade-tech over the G-Code although if I could find the sweet spot for the g-Code I think I would be in love. Maybe too much what's it called? Oh Tactical Girth. I added a Mag-Holder horizontal mag pouch which is nice although there is a little extra bulkiness due to it's design. It keeps the baseplate from digging into the um Tactical Girth.

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