Thursday, August 7, 2014

G-Code Holster Still Waiting

So I ordered a G-Code for the shield back at the end of June. Still don't have it.

That is fine they said 6-8 weeks sometimes as soon as 4. What has me cheesed us they started a special promo a week later. Last week they posted that the first batch we shipping. Another customer posted how excited he was that his order from July 10th was shipping. A week later I receive my 6 week notice stating that they only get backed up like this when they have a unusually heavy order load.

I don't think. It gets like this when you prioritize one set of customers ahead of another. It's call FIFO people. It's how you keep all of your customers satisfied. Not just those that order on your promo.

I am less than impressed with their customer service.

When I email them they responded that only some of the promos had shipped.

I so wanted to say none of them should have shipped earlier than mine as my order was in before the promo started.
I get batching but prioritizing an order that came in 15 days after yours is not batching that's putting the promo ahead of all others.

That is called neglecting your customer.

Makes we wonder how many repeat customers they get.

I'll let you know when it gets here. And what I think.

I tried an instructors the other day and I liked it but I am not sure how the clips are going to work since they press back on the bode of the holster at an angle.

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