Thursday, June 19, 2014

Trying to Find My Saddle

In response to Kx59's request about where have I been and his prod to saddle up.
I'm trying to find by Saddle. I think it may be in a box in one of the stacks around here somewhere. I don't think I tossed it out yet.

I honestly have been slacking due to being overwhelmed and trying to streamline activities. I have been ridiculously busy at work and home.

As for work I have a big upgrade project doing cool new Microsoft technology stuff. Again blazing trails for my team.
However I think I've written a total of 30 lines of code. My time has been spent filling in for the boss' vacation, filling in the gap since the boss' boss leaving and the boss' promotion, being drug in for the start of what looks to be a 1yr + development/integration initiative that is like trying to get a square boulder rolling down hill to get started, and trying to get our newest lead up and running on his project.

At home I have been coaching only sons baseball team, and juggling the girls dance, cheer, tumbling, therapy, etc. oh and cleaning up the house in the event we decide to make the jump and move to a new dwelling.

Also at the home front oldest daughter is moving on to middle school and we are starting all the life events and attitude that  goes with. She was given her first phone as a 5th grade graduation present and managed to use all of her data in one afternoon. Thank god for data restrictions. I had told her no videosof course   that's what happens when you don't listen.

As for my fun I made it to Shiloh 1x in the past 5 mos and ended up taking a Wed night class from them.
I had planned on going last night but the instructor cancelled. I picked up a Shield, and was going to break it in with a good workout.

As for limited activity online there's just not time. Unless I want to give up my night time extracurricular activities. Not doing that and I think the wife would string me up by the boys if I did. I do find myself spending more time making statements on the Book of Face than on the blogs. I'm so far behind in ye ole RSS reader that the counter says no-mas.

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  1. AHA. It is alive.
    You have been a busy boy. Well like I always say, too much work is better than not enough. I've been in similar boat over the past year and a half.
    My son and I went over to Shiloh on Father's day and ran a few rounds through the pistols.
    Hang in there.