Friday, March 28, 2014

Friends Wife Wants to Post 30.06

So for non-Texans when we say 30.06 it's not the cartridge. It's the signage required to prohibit permit holders from carrying.

She runs a non-profit that has a clinic on site. The other day they had a patiend who stretched and accidentally revealed his firearm. She does not know if was licensed or not. Either way it freaked the ladies in the clinic out and they are pressuring her to post.
Her husband who is working on getting into class for his permit but is a relative newbie tried the only those that are criminals will carry. The sign hurts not helps but she is not listening to him.

What advice would you give in this situation.

Of course she is tepid on him getting a firearm and carrying to begin with. She also feels like she has to do something.

What advice do you have to help her understand what posting really says.

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  1. 1. What is the mission of the clinic?
    -- to provide aid for those they approve of (unarmed) or provide aid to all who need it.

    2. Ask if posting a "No Rape, No Murder, No Domestic Abuse" sign would stop those actions. Probably similar to what has already been said.

    3. Ask her to recall everything she can about the person who had the firearm; his mannerisms, his courtesy, his demeanor. Did any of those things change after they saw he was armed -- or just their perception of him.

    4. Have talk to the local beat cops. Ask them how long it would take them to respond to a problem. What are the cops opinion on concealed carry license holders.