Saturday, February 22, 2014

Home Proxy Server or Service

I am at a loss as to what to do with oldest child. I have all of the family's electronics with the exception of the home PC under lock and key. She still is staying up hours on end getting to electronics. If not electronics then drawing or reading.

This week we have had two incidents. The first was youngest daughter came in my room at 3:00 and was on the home Mac. My little one thought it was me. Of course when she heard my bedroom door open she bolted to her room. She had been on it for 3 hours. Last night she took her moms ipad out of her tote bag and was watching videos on YouTube. Luckily, I hope, wifi was on. She has 20-30 cartoons in the browser history. Not sure exactly how long.

This is my Aspie so she does not always see things and have self control.

I'm trying to figure out what to do to get control of the situation.

Also with her getting older and the boy being not far behind I need to get control of web traffic. 

I have an ASUS router. It allows me to set time windows for devices on a device level. It lets me set firewall rules on a global level. While I can block the number 1 offender I have to block it for everyone. Plus if she gets on the wife's ipad she'll switch to cellular and run the bill through the roof.

Any ideas?

I'd love to setup a proxy that could be applied to home devices with device and time specific restrictions. Even better if it could be used to manage mobile devices over the cell network because phones are in the near future for these kids, within a year or two much to my dismay.

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  1. We didn't have as many wi fi enbaled devices when ours were winding their way through their teen years. We had a low tech solution. Our kids' computer for surfing the internet sat in the corner of the family room where we could see the screen from the couch while watching TV. The other fortunate thing about the layout of our house is that they had to walk past my bedroom door to get down the stairs after hours, and I was a light sleeper in those years.
    You probably have the tech knowledge to control things via technology, but my approach would be to simply restrict physical access.