Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Felony Search Warrant Executed on the Bieb

LA Sherrif showed extreme restraint in executing a felony Search warrant on the Bieb's property. 

The warrant was for egging a neigbors house.

11 units were dispatched to execute the warrant and search of the property.

Welcome to the police state boys. Give us any reson and it will be used for us to put our jackboot on your neck.

This is rediculous. This is criminal mischief and vandalism. What were they looking for? Eggs? 

Officer those are free range eggs, the ones used were farm raised.

I mean come on. 
They did arrest one person for felony possession of cocaine. That just shows once they're in they will look for anything. The incident is just the key to get in the door.

I guess depending on the amount of damage it could be felony vandalism due to cost of damage and cleanup but still. Way over the top.

I'm sure the officers time could have been better used trying to stop gangs or some other real crime they have in their liberal utopia.

I wonder if this is the same unit they use to Cold call on prohibit persons in possession of firearms.

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  1. From what I've read, Bieber's last CD completely tanked.
    I think this whole thing, on both sides of the equation, was staged to get his name in the press and make him all "bad boy" and stuff. oooh, he tripped out and threw EGGS at his neighbor's door. How thirteen something.
    That would be his target audience, wouldn't it?