Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A New Shooter

My last day of work before the Christmas Holiday I received a phone call from the lovely wife asking if I had seen my daughters cheer coaches post to the book face about being at ye 'ol local outdoor range getting his CHL. I said no and quickly congratulated him as I figured him on the opposite side of a lot of my views being a gay man. Of course that is my fault for stereotyping those that I know.

His response surprised me. He was getting gift certificates for CHL's for himself and his partner. However he has never shot.
After a good bit of back and forth that day followed by a 2 hour conversation on Christmas Eve, (When I was picking up one final present that had just arrived at the gym from him for oldest daughter) which included getting yelled at by the wife for where the hell are you and what are you still doing there and do you know what time it is and what we have to do and what today is!!!?, It was decided that I needed to take him shooting.

A little over a week later we settle on the day after New Years. He meets me at my favorite ye 'ol indoor range with a big ball of nerves.

Go in, do a little bit of paperwork, grab a blue gun, cover grip and safety and onto the range we go.

He did not do too bad. Most shots within the silhouette. After about 150rds of 9mm and 25rds of .380 we head over to the mountain of geese and introduce a few options based on what he shot and what he was looking for.

The shooting was done with an XD-9, M&P 9, and Bodyguard .380.

Since he is looking to go straight into conceal carry and has specific style of dress he liked the single stack 9's. He was very partial to the Sig 938.

He is going to go to the fancy gun range and rent a few before he buys. Which is a great idea in my opinion.

All things said 3 hours later I had a new shooter with an ear to ear grin telling the world about his first shots.

On a side note there was a mother/daughter pair that came in and were taking a lesson from one of the staff members. I did not get to observe much but they brought their gun in one of those file fire box looking containers that weights 50 lbs. I think it was to keep it from sneaking out and shooting someone on the drive over.

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