Monday, November 4, 2013

Travel is Fun

I had the Joy of traveling the the booming oil Metropolis of Midland this past week.

I made it there no problem but my genius co-worker the great Dr. decided to go to terminal C 10 minutes before boarding to go through security. Anyone who knows IAH the express planes fly out of terminal B. Of course she gets picked for extra screening, not sure why they call it this cause I ask for it when I fly. I like my testicles un-radiated thank you please. So of course no surprise she missed the flight.

I arrive get the car and have to go pick her up an hour later when her flight lands.

The rest of the week was busy doing work stuff and with the exception of her lack of desire to make changes to her work to meet the clients needs without a great deal of hemming and hawing and trying to get out of it the trip itself was not bad. Well besides the Nissan Rogue that drove like it was on it's last hamster.

We had the last flight out on Wed and of course our flight was cancelled. No other flights out that night. All the other airlines had been filled with the booked passengers. 3 hours later I have a flight and a Hotel. Of course the flight is at 5:10 am. I get a new rental car. The Chevy skate, drove better than the Rogue but the read rood latches were on the back of the car, and headed to the hotel. I wanted sushi, co-worker wanted to-go. By the time I got her to someplace to get food I had given up on my sushi desire.

3:00 came way too early. Packed up the stuff I had to use, and rode the hotel shuttle with the ground crew, being nice enough to let said co-worker sleep, she was on a later flight routing through Denver.
Waited for the Check-in station to open, then had to wait for the timely TSA to open the terminal. Boarded with no Problems, and took off for home. Of course those in my destination city know the weather on Thursday morning was less than stellar for flying. I prayed the entire descent that the guy behind me did't blow chunks all over me. He was belching and making god awful noises. We landed fine, but I think they had to replace the flight controls to get the pilots grip marks out of the them.

Drove to the office and made it home in time to meet the kids at the bus.

Have I said how much I love flying??
Well now you know why.