Wednesday, September 11, 2013



So I pulled a stupid and had myself an ND into a clearing barrel at a local range. Said barrel is indoors. My ears rang for 3 days and for a week if my girls raised the volume of their voices in excitement all i heard was tone and it hurt. This has since cleared up. I made a trip Monday to the audiologist to see what damage I did. The good news is that there was no significant damage but I did damage the upper end and I will see the effects later in life. The bad news is I now have test results that the wife can use to say see you hear just fine. Another part of my trip was to get fitted for a set of custom plugs. While it would not have helped the situation that occurred good ear pro is always a good idea.

The put me in a giant padded soundproof box that looks like a giant safe. Put some form of headphone things in my ears and tested me. The cool thing is that a good number of the people that work there shoot in some fashion or another so they understand the needs. 

This time I ordered the solid plugs but I may be going back for a ported set. I will let you know after I get them what I think. I doubt I will be spending the 400-600 on a pair of electronics with embeded hearing aids but we will see.

As for the ND. Always make sure you drop the mag before you clear the gun and focus on clearing not answering the guy asking you questions. IF you get distracted. Start over and make sure you're clear.

The consolation prize I received was the story of the ladies husbands ND which sent him to the E.R. after trying to un-jam a handgun in the cab of his truck at a range and strummed a round off through his leg.

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  1. Owwwww!
    good fortune that your hearing recovered.
    Mine did not. My ears have been ringing since I was 16 or so.
    I see hearing aids in my near future.