Sunday, July 14, 2013

Planning to go to first IDPA

I talked to the wife and an planning on going to my first IDPA.

I'm a little nervous and excited. 
However I need some advice.

I usually carry my 1911. 
I have my XD9
And no real mag pouches for either. And a craptastic holster for the 9.
What recommendations shoot the carry or the the higher capacity.

What type of mag pouches do I want?


  1. Heck I used the plastic holster and mag holder that came with my Xdm.
    IDPA is an awesome experience. I wish I still had the time to do it.
    It will definitely push you outside your comfort zone.
    The 9 will work fine for the cardboard targets. I ran across an occasional steel target that my 9 would not knock down without multiple rounds, so you might want the 1911 in your range bag.
    Have fun Man!
    Don't set your personal expectations too high, and you will do just fine.
    You will meet some outstanding folks there as well.

    1. Thanks for the feedback.
      I'll put my thoughts up after.

  2. I made it and had a good time.
    I'll put a post up later