Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Calling Sporting Clay Shooters in H-Town

There is a charity shoot on Sept 7 to help the family of Michelle. I found out about the event from my Cousin who knows the family.

Michelle is getting a kidney transplant from her cousin. The medical bills are covered but her cousin does not have coverage for her time off work.

Checkout the link on FB

I'm signed up.
Hope to see you there.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

No IDPA for me this week

I had planned to shoot IDPA tonight but family B-Day dinner came first.
Making up for it with Romero's margaritas

No IDPA for me this week

I had planned to shoot IDPA tonight but family B-Day dinner came first.
Making up for it with Romero's margaritas

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

First IDPA Experience

So I went to my first IDPA match last week. I really had a good time and may be hooked.

I did not shoot as well as I would have liked. I shot the XD which I haven't taken out in a while and just couldn't get on target. I also tried to use the out of the box holster and mag carrier as I shamefully do not own any for this gun. I have several holsters for the 1911 but no mag carriers. When I tried to put the holster on it started to peel the velcro backing. Oh a shopping we will go. I happened across the only XD holster at the range, a Safariland with a thumb release level 3 retention lock. Luckily a few turns with the included allen wrench and all was fixed. Except for the fact the holster fits way too snug.

Since it's an indoor range the safe direction is about 60 degrees instead of 180 so I was reminded a few times about my muzzle direction but did not do bad other than that. I fixed that and slowed down for the second COF.
The third and fourth were the hardest by far as we repeated COF 1 & 2 with Low Light and black t-shirts on the targets. One of the shooters thought the no shoot white t-shirt was throwing gang signs and went ahead and shot it anyway.

 I ended up 4th out of 7 in unclassified SSP and 5th out of 9 overall in the Classification.

I plan on going back this week. But I need to find some decent equipment.
If I shoot the XD again I want to find a better holster that draws easier. I can do with the mag carrier for a little while but would like to get 2 singles.
If I shoot the 1911 I need to get 2 singe mag carriers and a few 8 round Wilson Combat mags. (Damn Picky Gun)
I will prob need to get an OWB for the 1911. It seems like everyone there is using OWB and not sure how IWB would go over even though regulation safety is always key.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Just Call Me Uncle Si'

Just less crazy and a lot younger.

My friends daughter wants to be Sadie Robertson ... Or so she thinks.

The Mrs. was at dinner with a friend last night and my wife mentions my desire for more shooting time. This prompt the friend to tell her that her almost 13yr daughter old wants to learn to shoot and hunt. To which my wife volunteered me to teach her. She wants to learn to hunt, shoot skeet, and to shoot in general. She told her mom she wants to be like Sadie Robertson.

This could get interesting. I wonder if I should try to grow the beard.

The girl is a Big City Texas girl who is worried about all things Boys and Cute. The parents are not opposed to guns but are not gun owners much less enthusiasts.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Planning to go to first IDPA

I talked to the wife and an planning on going to my first IDPA.

I'm a little nervous and excited. 
However I need some advice.

I usually carry my 1911. 
I have my XD9
And no real mag pouches for either. And a craptastic holster for the 9.
What recommendations shoot the carry or the the higher capacity.

What type of mag pouches do I want?

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Much a Doing' nothin'

So I haven't posted anything lately cause I haven't Been doing much of anything interesting. 

Between work and trying to clean out unused stuff that is being hoarded or wasn't even known to exist. There hasn't been time for much else.