Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Texas Fisherman Be Warned

This is a horrific story and how fast it happened is even scarier. For all of you who fish in the Galveston area be careful and be safe.

I did not know this man personally. I have a family member who knows his wife.


  1. There's some good news.
    I try to keep a boat between me and the water as much as I can. My family thinks I'm a wuss, but I don't like wading when the trout are running in the surf, cuz the black tip sharks are running with them.
    I have to words for them that begin with f and u.
    I've run around in the Galveston Bay system my whole life barefooted with oyster shell cuts all over the bottom of my feet. The salt water used to make them heal faster.
    and, now this.
    I think I'll keep the boat between me and the muddy bottom.

  2. From Further information i have found out this was in the San Leon Pass area.