Saturday, June 22, 2013

A Celebration on Growing Up Southern

So a good friend has a blog celebrating growing up southern.

Keep the southern traditions alive and celebrate them.

So go show some love.
After all American by Birth and Southern by the Grace of God.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Texas Fisherman Be Warned

This is a horrific story and how fast it happened is even scarier. For all of you who fish in the Galveston area be careful and be safe.

I did not know this man personally. I have a family member who knows his wife.

I need a Vacation from my Vacation

Wow it has been a busy month.

Work has been kicking my butt hard. Too much to do and too little time to get it done.

The oldest two are back from sailing camp. They had a blast. My oldest daughter really took to it and is ready to go back. While they were gone we took the youngest one to the Mouse's World in Florida. This was her first time to meet the mouse and I spent 6 days chasing princesses and other characters around parks and the world. She had a blast and Dad is recovering.

On Fathers day I drug up on stage to take part in the Diver demonstration in Epcot living seas exhibit. I was the dive buddy. The bad thing was that I had forgotten my hand signals for up and down. I was given the opportunity to model a reusable tote bag. I think I have a real career in modeling to fall back on. The wife not so much. She was a little embarrassed. The little one was worried that dad was going in the lockout chamber.

All in all we had a great trip.
We were able to see friends we haven't seen in over 13 years.

Now it's back to work and trying to catch up on lost sleep.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Gun at The Land of Mouse

This is for Wonderful P.R.

I am planning a Trip to the Land of Mouse. It does not bother me that people were carrying there. It's called concealed carry. If it hadn't fallen out of his pocket no one would have known. No the fact that he did not maintain control of his weapon is a problem. This is the type of incident that causes problems for the rest of us.

According to one article the firearm in question was a Cobra .380. I already see a lack in judgement by his choice in carry gear. Based on the choice in firearm I woudn't be surprised to find it not in a holster

Of course the geniuses on our side like R.F. Truth about... are commenting on this with their usual antics.

I am not exactly sure on how Disney's property is posted nor am I sure what the laws are for required posting to prohibit CC on ones property in Florida. That said it is my understanding that if you are asked to leave and do not it is at that point in time it becomes trespass.

For the idiots posting how scared they are. Grow up and open your eyes. To quote one commenter on a news feed "I feel that I am in a Safe Bubble when I am there." You are not feeling is not reality. Reality is no place is a Safe Bubble. The are places that are less dangerous or lower risk than others. But they are not bubbles of protection. For Example Disney -vs- NOLA's 9th ward. One there is a much higher change of violent encounter than the other.

On a different note most of the Building created by the mouse are facades. Deploying a firearm in that environment would be a daunting task as what looks like a reliable backstop or safe direction may not be it may only be a fiberglass skin over steel. I will never tell anyone to leave their personal protective equipment at home. But deploying it in such an environment would be very risky. Make your choices for yourself wisely and remember "Concealed means Concealed" however it is up to you to keep it that way. In a hostile environment an accidental print can cause trouble much less leaving it on the seat.

My Weekend Trek

My weekend Trek to Deliver Thing 1 and Thing 2 to Grandma's house for two weeks went smoothly. Well smooth enough.

Kids last day was a 1/2 day so I picked them up at 12:30 and made it out the door by 12:35 an amazing feat. But M.I.L. couldn't make it to get Thing 3. So I trekked back to the house to drop of Thing 3 with the M.I.L. So I finally got on the road a little before 2. This is followed by the phone call from Agitated Wife because the kids didn't tell her goodbye. Now this is my fault because I was hurrying them out of the house so I could get back to meet the alarm guy who couldn't make it on time the day before and couldn't understand that no I was not going to wait until 2 for him to get there and miss Thing 1's 4th grade play. Supervisor called and scheduled a different tech first thing for me with a discounted rate because his guy was upset that I did not use polite and courteous language.

Anyway, The wife blamed me because she sat in the char this morning and did not get up to tell them goodbye so I was supposed to add another 30-40 minute delay to getting on the road so she could say bye.

Smooth trip all the way to Baton Rouge with one stop for dinner at that chicken sandwich place that is closed on Sundays.

Just outside of Baton Rouge traffic came to a screeching halt and I witnessed 3 of 4 cars pulling off the road with drivers and passengers running up the median. Apparently a motorcycle took the dirt path and they were running to his aid. Several people were tending to him and 1 on her cell summoning assistance. No less that 10 cars had already stopped by the time I could see what actually happened.

The rest of the weekend was uneventful. Made it home yesterday encountering only a little rain in Louisiana before I hit the open road stretch.