Thursday, May 2, 2013

ZOMG A Cartoon Character in ON THE BOX

Last night the Nightly Propaganda News on one of the local channels covered a story out of Kentucky where a 4yr old shot his 2yr old sister with his .22.

The story is pretty cut and dry nothing out of the normal for this type of occurrence which is always Tragic.

Then they trotted out a woman who was all for "Reasonable Gun Restrictions". Well you should have to be a certain age to own a gun.

After this the reporter goes on to tackle the angle of ZOMG their targeting children with the advertising. Look at the box!

As she handles one of the rifles in the chain sporting goods parking lot and cuts to a video of a 4 yr old girl shooting the rifle at an EMPTY indoor range.

Looks like they're going to start targeting us in the same manner they did to this guy.

This is ridiculous, The box did not attract the kid to want the rifle. The kid prob didn't even pick the rifle. I'm sure dad did. And he did so without seeing the box until it was purchased. The fact that is it is a small single shot .22 that is made to properly fit our smaller versions along with price was the selling factor.

Unfortunately the fail here lies in the judgement of the parents. I am all for teaching children to shoot at a young age. However a 4yr old, no matter how mature does not have the cranial capacity to understand the full implication of what may happen. In my opinion it should have been stored safely away for access.

It is not the fault of the Cricket Firearm, it's logo, the manufacturer, or the "Gun Culture". The fault lies with parental units who did not maintain proper control of a firearm allowing a 4yr old the ability to shoot his sister.

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