Thursday, May 2, 2013

Up For Consideration in TX on Sat. And the Campus Parking Lot bill

The Texas Senate passed the Campus parking lot bill yesterday which is a great first step towards Campus Carry. They are also scheduled to take on a whole slew of Gun Rights bills on May 4th. Interestingly enough the date coincides with the NRA Annual Meeting being held in Houston this weekend.

While I want to see Campus Carry passed the current bill has been ripped apart with all kinds of not so good amendments. One of the items listed for vote is an amendment to the bill to return it to it's original state.

My feeling on the Campus parking lot bill is that it is far better to get this bill than a bad Campus Carry bill or nothing at all.

Check out the NRA ILA site for the full list of items up for consideration. NRA - ILA TX Update

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