Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Appendix Carry. #1 reason not to vs Pincus' Top 5 Reasons he carries that was

On the Guns Over Texas Podcast from this weekend the hosts talked about an accident at one of the major training academy's where a man was appendix carrying and upon re-holstering fired off a round into his boys.

Follow this up with a Tacital Wire link to an article by Rob Pincus Top 5 Reasons I carry in the "Appendix" Postion 

Sorry Rob. I like my friends a little too much to covering them. Plus I'd hate to pull that off and hit the femoral artery. I can deal with missing a chunk of flesh out by butt or leg a lot easier than my good friends.


  1. If you keep your booger hook off out of the finger guard you probably won't shoot your dick. Just sayin

  2. yup, ASM had the same thought as me.
    keep the booger hook off the boom switch.