Monday, April 8, 2013

The Kids

So I have to brag on the kids.

Oldest Daughter has been struggling with her Back Tuck (a gymnastics thing) think Carl Edwards when he wins. She had try outs for next year on Friday night. She finally got it a 4:00 and nailed it at 5:30 during try outs. Now 90% of her problem was confidence and anxiety.

This was followed up with only son getting his first hit ever on Saturday morning. A double with an RBI that started off a 5 run hitting streak. When he went up to bat they had 2 outs. This was followed up with a Single his next at bat.

His first at bat on Saturday he was thrown out by the pitcher at first. Prior to Saturday every at bat had been a strike out. Last year he was thown at first the only time he put the ball in play.
Lets hope this holds up.

1 comment:

  1. good on them! way to go offspring!
    always nice when that thing, persistence, you tell them about starts to work out, no?