Wednesday, April 10, 2013

LoneStar College Knife Attach and Campus Carry Legislation

The Lone Star knife spree that took place in my neck of the woods yesterday appears to be the result of another disturbed young adult bent on a killing spree.

I have co-workers with students there, one of which is friends with the young man who took down the assailant. According to reports the assailant said I give up when he tackled him.

What I have gathered from the local news and from other conversation is the assailant was hearing impaired, had just received a Cochlear implant but had other issues. Conversation says that they would see the guy walking around campus hugging his teddy bear. That just ain't right. It also appears that he targeted females.

Now a friend of my wife made the comment that how on earth did this guy manage to hurt 14 people with a knife. A knife is  up close and personal when it comes to fighting. Grab something and take the guy out. A chair, fire extinguisher, anything handy. This fits inline with the improvised weapon school of thought. However the students here are fresh out of the indoctrination system where they are taught they are helpless victims and to leave all of this protection stuff to the trained processionals.

What I am curious about is will this help up to promote campus carry. It should. I person with a CHL would have been able to stop this guy cold. Quite possible without shots being fired. If he gave up when caught he probably would have given up without a fight when confronted with force.

The biggest thing I see is that the traditional media needs to stop sensationalizing these psycho's and stop making them famous. They are sad little piss-ants who need  to be regarded accordingly.

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  1. Teke,

    Most people in college today have a difficult idea working up to "grab that guy and take him out" -- thanks to the zero tolerance policies implemented in elementary and secondary schools.

    Think about the conditioning they've been subjected to for years!
    Protecting yourself is wrong, just give the criminal what he wants, etc. And it isn't just the conditioning in schools; look at the media and the police joining in outside of schools.

    I think we need to push that 'weapons free zones' don't work if someone is out to commit predatory violence. The media will try to spin this as another reason we need more control, not less.