Monday, April 29, 2013

Visitors to Houston for NRA Annual Meeting

If any of you that are traveling to Houston for the NRA Annual Meeting need local feedback. I am more than happy to provide info.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Little League

I gotta brag on Only Son.

He is playing his first season of competitive ball this year. Last year he played church league.

He started out the season with an awkward motion that he called a swing and ducking when the ball came his way, he's always had a thing about being hit. His first 2 regular season games he struck out. In his third game he put his first ball in play and followed it up with a Double and an RBI. Since then he has been making solid contact with the ball. Still mixed results for getting on base. Usually a singe. Working on running and fielding as he has to work on lengthening his stride. But I couldn't be prouder and he is having a blast.

As for his team they are a great group of kids who cheer each other on and support each other through their highs and lows. The last 3 games we have had maybe 1 strike out each game. It's fun to watch these boys play. Right now the sit 9-1 for the season with their last regular season a little over a week out. I can't wait to watch these boys in the playoffs.

What all of this means for me is that I will have competing priorities next weekend. I was wanting to spend as much time as I could down at the G.R.B. next weekend but with practice and game I have Dad duties that will contend. Not sure how the boy would do with me dragging him around down there then off to a practice.

But if you see a red headed kid wearing a navy blue Bulls baseball uniform with orange writing and grey pants at the convention he's with me.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Our Next Threat

The next threat


Pulled my mag out of my pocket to find this.
I think I'd have a problem with a mag change.

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Hunters Shilling For Gun Control

Tom Gresham shared a <a href=""> link </a> talking about Hunters supporting Gun Control. <br />
<br />
What hunters need to figure out is that their use of firearms may be protected by the second amendment the second amendment has nothing to with hunting. Therefore their being a hunter has NADA to do with the 2nd Amendment.<br />
<br />
The Mrs. Has a friend who can give amazing advice, when it comes to hunting. Start talking about defensive use of firearms and he start spewing the same ole shinola that the anti's do. You'll never get to it in time, they'll just take it away, you can't hunt with black rifles.<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Changes in Attitude without the Change in Lattitude

So here I am trying to plan a vacation to take the little one to Disney for the first time. The budget isn't big enough for the entire family but older 2 have been multiple times.
The plan was to take lil bit while the other 2 were at Grandma and Grandpa's for sailing camp.
Since my wife's school is still in session the first week the kids are gone that left the 2nd week as our only available option. Submitted the vacation request at work and was denied for lack of coverage.
What wasn't shown on the calendar is that one of my counterparts is out for medical.

So at this point I ain't gonna get a change in lattitude but I definitely just got a f' it attitude.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Busy weekend

I've had a fairly busy weekend, so if you could go ahead and offend yourself for me that would be great.


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

LoneStar College Knife Attach and Campus Carry Legislation

The Lone Star knife spree that took place in my neck of the woods yesterday appears to be the result of another disturbed young adult bent on a killing spree.

I have co-workers with students there, one of which is friends with the young man who took down the assailant. According to reports the assailant said I give up when he tackled him.

What I have gathered from the local news and from other conversation is the assailant was hearing impaired, had just received a Cochlear implant but had other issues. Conversation says that they would see the guy walking around campus hugging his teddy bear. That just ain't right. It also appears that he targeted females.

Now a friend of my wife made the comment that how on earth did this guy manage to hurt 14 people with a knife. A knife is  up close and personal when it comes to fighting. Grab something and take the guy out. A chair, fire extinguisher, anything handy. This fits inline with the improvised weapon school of thought. However the students here are fresh out of the indoctrination system where they are taught they are helpless victims and to leave all of this protection stuff to the trained processionals.

What I am curious about is will this help up to promote campus carry. It should. I person with a CHL would have been able to stop this guy cold. Quite possible without shots being fired. If he gave up when caught he probably would have given up without a fight when confronted with force.

The biggest thing I see is that the traditional media needs to stop sensationalizing these psycho's and stop making them famous. They are sad little piss-ants who need  to be regarded accordingly.

Monday, April 8, 2013

The Kids

So I have to brag on the kids.

Oldest Daughter has been struggling with her Back Tuck (a gymnastics thing) think Carl Edwards when he wins. She had try outs for next year on Friday night. She finally got it a 4:00 and nailed it at 5:30 during try outs. Now 90% of her problem was confidence and anxiety.

This was followed up with only son getting his first hit ever on Saturday morning. A double with an RBI that started off a 5 run hitting streak. When he went up to bat they had 2 outs. This was followed up with a Single his next at bat.

His first at bat on Saturday he was thrown out by the pitcher at first. Prior to Saturday every at bat had been a strike out. Last year he was thown at first the only time he put the ball in play.
Lets hope this holds up.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Difference Between Ignorant and Stupid: and being led by the latter

We are all ignorant about something in life. We live in a vastly complex world and it is impossible for us to have in depth knowledge on every subject. Not every one of us in this world can be a renaissance man. I for instance am vastly ignorant when it comes to flying planes. My knowledge goes as far as I get on one, and the guy in the cockpit fly's it. The difference between my ignorance and being stupid about flying a plane is that I willingly acknowledge that I do not know how to fly a plane and do not purport to have the knowledge to fly a plane or claim to know how to tell those that fly the plane how to do so. I let them maintain their expertise and yields to them in the area where they are subject matter experts.

Ignorance is when we have little or no knowledge on a given subject no matter how big or small. Stupid is when we ignore our ignorance and claim that our limited knowledge about a subject covers all that needs to be known to pass judgement on a subject. As has been said by others, "Ignorance is not terminal, stupidity is."

We are a world full of ignorant people. Our government has always been made up of ignorant people with the exception of a few well enlightened individuals scatter sparsely through out our countries history. The difference is that in previous times the majority of those that led us did not claim to know all. They were humble men who knew the limitation of their knowledge. What we have become or are in the process of becoming is a nation of stupid people. The people leading our nation see themselves as betters than the common man. Therefore they know more on any subject even those they know nothing about. This is what is getting us into major problems. How can you pass judgement on anything that you know nothing about and are unwilling to learn about. This is why we have statements such as we must pass it to know whats in it. Even if the leaders had read it, the content was too far out of their knowledge base to understand and they were too stupid to take the time to learn what they need to know to sit in judgement on whether it is good or not because they are better than the rest of us. They are too "Important" to take time to do so. They have better things to do.

The biggest problem our Nation faces today is that we choose to be led by the Stupid.
Their biggest problem is that when it comes to light that they lack knowledge on a subject they do not ask what they got themselves into, or go study to increase their knowledge. No, they make excuses and blame those that brought their ignorance to light for the problems. Oh, and trash those who know something about the subject as knuckle dragging neanderthals because who has time to learn about these things except backwards people who are crazy.

Now being "Ignant" (Ig-nun-t) that is a completely different conversation.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

NRA Annual Meeting Badges

If you are going to the annual meeting you can get your badges ahead of time by going online and having them sent to you.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Changing Sides

Well those is charge have led me to see the light. I will be turning in my guns. Selling my gas guzzler and getting a prius and begin a vegetarian lifestyle.

April Fools.