Friday, March 8, 2013

Sporting Clays Again

So I had an awesome time shooting in the Carl McCain annual sporting clays tournament.

I wound up on a team with 3 girls and two other guys and had a blast.
Of the girls one was pretty good, one knew how to shoot and the third not so much. We started out with technical difficulty for one of them trying to run a pump. We convinced her to try the 20ga semi-auto one of the girls was running and she got a lot better. She actually shot a 10 for 10 on one of the stations. The three girls decided to share the semi-auto it ended up starting to malfunction on the 7th station. Lubed it up and it ran fine.
The pump was a lightly used 870 it was still really stiff and didn't want to come out of battery. It's kind of hard telling a girl you don't know to rack it harder like this.

I think they gave me the box of ammo that had 2/3 blanks cause I shot like crap. But it was good to hear the girls talking about chl. one had it one was ready to get hers, and the last was starting to think about it.

As for my shooting I need to work on my dominant eye issue. It is going to kick my butt until I get it fixed.


  1. Teke,

    Can't remember if I've mentioned it or not but I'm hosting the Dallas Area Blogshoot III over Memorial Day weekend this year.

    It will be May26th (Sunday) at the Super Secret Shooting Range I belong to in the DFW area.

    Have any plans for the weekend, if not you and your family are cordially invited to attend?

    1. Bob. I have every intention to make it one of these days. I do not think I will make it. In that time frame I have the NRA convention followed by a Sporting Clays Shoot for the Capital Campaign at the kids school. I don't believe going out of town on the third weekend for more shooting stuff would go over well with the Mrs. The kids aren't ready for long range trips and the Mrs. isn't a big shooter.

    2. Teke,

      I can understand busy schedules. Sorry yours doesn't allow attendance this time; we'll have another rest assured.