Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Baseball Season

So Little League has started. This year I put the only son in the competitive league with the other boys from his class rather than the less competitive church league. He has a long way to go. Last year the coach didn't teach the boys anything and he was not interested in learning from dad.

So far we have improved his swing. He just needs confidence and focus on the diamond and he'll have his first hit of the season. Still to go is not being afraid of the ball and getting under it instead of reaching for it. Also running. The poor kid has a short odd stride and doesn't get moving very fast for the speed his feet appear to be going.

The first game is over. He struck out both times at bat but his time is coming. Hopefully tonight. He was really upset because another kid had 2 homeruns. The onlything I was disappointed about was the attitude instead of being excited for his friend and for his team's win 15-1 he was sulking about his strike outs. It did however drive him to get me out in the yard and work on hitting.

We'll see how he does next game.

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