Saturday, March 30, 2013

Another Crawfish Boil in the Books

Yesterday put another Good Friday crawfish boil down in the books.
Total we boiled 100lbs.
We had a great time hanging out with family and friends. This is what life is truly about sharing time with those close to your heart. Blood or otherwise.

Yo Joe

Went to see the new GI-Joe movie today. It was very entertaining.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Baseball Season

So Little League has started. This year I put the only son in the competitive league with the other boys from his class rather than the less competitive church league. He has a long way to go. Last year the coach didn't teach the boys anything and he was not interested in learning from dad.

So far we have improved his swing. He just needs confidence and focus on the diamond and he'll have his first hit of the season. Still to go is not being afraid of the ball and getting under it instead of reaching for it. Also running. The poor kid has a short odd stride and doesn't get moving very fast for the speed his feet appear to be going.

The first game is over. He struck out both times at bat but his time is coming. Hopefully tonight. He was really upset because another kid had 2 homeruns. The onlything I was disappointed about was the attitude instead of being excited for his friend and for his team's win 15-1 he was sulking about his strike outs. It did however drive him to get me out in the yard and work on hitting.

We'll see how he does next game.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

From Another Land

I was sitting at baseball practice the other evening and having a discussion with a two moms one of which just moved from South Africa. She was talking about how much safer it was here. She feels like she doesn't need to lock her car. I addressed it but that is not the part of the conversation that I want to talk about.
She went on to start talking about the differences in how our typical home layout is different from theirs. She was saying the layout had her 14yr. old not being able to sleep for 2 weeks and she is still nervous. What she described to us was this. First their houses are in a compound with guards at the gate and controlling access. Then the house itself is walled in with electric fencing around the top and heavy access gates. Their yards are typically patrolled by a guard dog, I have read elsewhere that other animals such as large cats have been used as well. The have an electronic alarm system. The next part brought an Ohh hell no from me. Inside the house their bed rooms are on one hallway and at the entrance to the hall their is a heavy gate to prevent a would be intruder from accessing the occupants in the night. My response was so you lock yourself up to stay safe from intruders WOW!

She went on to talk about how she is surprised how open Texan's are about discussing guns. There are people there that own them but they are highly permitted and restricted. They are protection and discussion of such comes as mum's the word.

I managed to contain my inner gunny and did not get all threeper on her. But wow.

What scares me is this may be heading our way quickly. She said that she grew up in an environment more like we live in today as far as security for the home. If the current state of this country continues to deteriorate and the middle class continues to be destroyed even with all the firearm rights we enjoy we could see this happen here.
I cannot see myself caging my family for protection. If things got that bad I wonder how many lawyers would start up a frequent user program. The district attorneys may even get to know some of us by name.

I intend to have further discussions but this one made me proud of my country and state and happy to have been blessed to live here.

I am not a Native Texan but I got here as fast as I could.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Sporting Clays Again

So I had an awesome time shooting in the Carl McCain annual sporting clays tournament.

I wound up on a team with 3 girls and two other guys and had a blast.
Of the girls one was pretty good, one knew how to shoot and the third not so much. We started out with technical difficulty for one of them trying to run a pump. We convinced her to try the 20ga semi-auto one of the girls was running and she got a lot better. She actually shot a 10 for 10 on one of the stations. The three girls decided to share the semi-auto it ended up starting to malfunction on the 7th station. Lubed it up and it ran fine.
The pump was a lightly used 870 it was still really stiff and didn't want to come out of battery. It's kind of hard telling a girl you don't know to rack it harder like this.

I think they gave me the box of ammo that had 2/3 blanks cause I shot like crap. But it was good to hear the girls talking about chl. one had it one was ready to get hers, and the last was starting to think about it.

As for my shooting I need to work on my dominant eye issue. It is going to kick my butt until I get it fixed.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Yay TSA is letting us Carry Knives .... Oh Wait Nevermind

The TSA has so graciously decided that knives are useful tools and that we should be allowed to carry them on planes.

Oh wait only if they're so small they're useless.

I don't know that I would even give my kid one of those for a first knife. Other than for cutting tape or opening a bottle of whine these things are useless.

Tac Pen here I come.