Friday, February 22, 2013

Signs We're Winning

Signs were winning
Kalishnikitty sighting this morning on the back window of a teachers car at the kids school.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Contacting Congress Weekly

I have urged everyone to be contacting their congress critters weekly to make sure they know we are paying attention. Please keep this up it is having an impact.

Many companies, Ruger, Smith and Wesson, & The NRA have step web pages that make it easy to send a template message to all of your representatives at the same time. These are great to get someone who would not send something involved. But they leave out one major piece that needs to be stopped and that is Universal Background Checks.

Universal Background Checks lead to registration. All it takes is a change to the recording of information and there it is. None of these boiler plate messages address this and our Representatives are currently seeing this as a point they can use for "compromise".

Please make sure that we are telling congress that we will not be their scapegoats. That Universal Background Checks will not be accepted. Any of this compromise will be dealt with the same as registration come next election cycle.