Thursday, July 3, 2014

Tac Class and Open Carry Question

I finally made it to the Wed night Tac Class with Larry over at Shiloh. It was a good class however there were several people that were really green in the class which slowed it down some.
We may have shot 120 rounds out of the usual 200.

We had on that only brought 1 mag and had to borrow 2. This person was having problems catching the shirt in the holster when re-holstering.

We had an older couple who did not have a problem except for the husband getting a bad bit of slide bite on his Rt hand from his 1911. He didn't do badly manipulating it but needed alot more holster work. His wife was not used to making safe and kept sweeping her forehead when checking clear, at least the slide was back.

While waiting for the class to start the husband started a conversation with the group on open carry. He is involved in some form of lobbying in Austin regarding this. Everyone's response was about the same. We all support it but do not see ourselves running off and doing it. He then asked about how we felt about having to go through yearly proficiency training to do so. I did not get to respond to this as the instructor showed up. So here is my response.

1) I agree with the desire to regain the right. I also believe that there should be no restrictions on carry however that is not going to happen. I believe whatever comes out of Austin will be licensed. My hope would be that a CHL license turned into a HL license which allowed Concealed and Open with no change to the regulations.

2) I do not want long arms restricted but do not agree with the practice. In can't remember who but either one of the GOTR or Squirrel Report guys stated it best when they commented on this with the Statement to the sort of even Knights did not carry their sword to the table. They may have been armed but their primary weapon of was was stored and not brought to the table. This is considered courteous as we are not expecting a battle at the table. To me this goes the same for Long arms they are the modern day sword.

3) As for additional proficiency training. I see no benefit. The current testing is a bare minimum. The CHL class is more about laws than teaching shooting. The qualification shooting is a minimum standard. Unless the proficiency is based on weapon retention then it would be a useless additions. The Gov't is not going to get involved in hand to hand weapon retention training for the citizens. There is a level of risk that they don't want to get mixed up with. So what would the benefit be to the additional requirement other than some check box on a form and another check to cash?

What say Ye?

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Trying to Find My Saddle

In response to Kx59's request about where have I been and his prod to saddle up.
I'm trying to find by Saddle. I think it may be in a box in one of the stacks around here somewhere. I don't think I tossed it out yet.

I honestly have been slacking due to being overwhelmed and trying to streamline activities. I have been ridiculously busy at work and home.

As for work I have a big upgrade project doing cool new Microsoft technology stuff. Again blazing trails for my team.
However I think I've written a total of 30 lines of code. My time has been spent filling in for the boss' vacation, filling in the gap since the boss' boss leaving and the boss' promotion, being drug in for the start of what looks to be a 1yr + development/integration initiative that is like trying to get a square boulder rolling down hill to get started, and trying to get our newest lead up and running on his project.

At home I have been coaching only sons baseball team, and juggling the girls dance, cheer, tumbling, therapy, etc. oh and cleaning up the house in the event we decide to make the jump and move to a new dwelling.

Also at the home front oldest daughter is moving on to middle school and we are starting all the life events and attitude that  goes with. She was given her first phone as a 5th grade graduation present and managed to use all of her data in one afternoon. Thank god for data restrictions. I had told her no videosof course   that's what happens when you don't listen.

As for my fun I made it to Shiloh 1x in the past 5 mos and ended up taking a Wed night class from them.
I had planned on going last night but the instructor cancelled. I picked up a Shield, and was going to break it in with a good workout.

As for limited activity online there's just not time. Unless I want to give up my night time extracurricular activities. Not doing that and I think the wife would string me up by the boys if I did. I do find myself spending more time making statements on the Book of Face than on the blogs. I'm so far behind in ye ole RSS reader that the counter says no-mas.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Realistic Dreams

So last night my dream was realistic enough that I awoke to the doorbell in my dream thinking it was the real doorbell.
I got up and checked and no one was there. 
Now here's where the part that I could kick myself comes in.
I keep my handguns locked up in condition 1. I grab the holstered XD out of the box to go check it out. I am really glad it was nothing. I layed it down holstered on my night stand when I was done. When I went to put it away, no round chambered no mag in te firearm. When I put it away after my last range trip I had not reloaded mags and put away an empy gun.

That would have been a damn small club in my hand.

Always make sure your tools are in the condition and place you think they are and are ready for use.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Friends Wife Wants to Post 30.06

So for non-Texans when we say 30.06 it's not the cartridge. It's the signage required to prohibit permit holders from carrying.

She runs a non-profit that has a clinic on site. The other day they had a patiend who stretched and accidentally revealed his firearm. She does not know if was licensed or not. Either way it freaked the ladies in the clinic out and they are pressuring her to post.
Her husband who is working on getting into class for his permit but is a relative newbie tried the only those that are criminals will carry. The sign hurts not helps but she is not listening to him.

What advice would you give in this situation.

Of course she is tepid on him getting a firearm and carrying to begin with. She also feels like she has to do something.

What advice do you have to help her understand what posting really says.

Busy Busy Busy

I know I've been down right quiet lately.

Work has been insane. I've got more coming in than going out. We hired a new dev that started last week to start working on one of my bigger projects. I am barely keeping up with making sure he has work much less me getting to do any work on the project.

Not only this but I was coerced into being assistant coach for the Boy's baseball team. First year of Kid Pitch.

Oldest daughter has been back at her game if sneaking out her room and getting I the family computer.

To top it off I had jury duty this week. I'm not sure if the judge was clueless, the people were dumb or the group knew how to get out of it, because after the prosecutors questions they didn't have enough for the defense attorney to pich from. What I was surprised by though it the stupidity of the defendants.
The defendant for the first case, which settled before we walked in, walked down the hall with his lawyer and tried to stare me down. The second case on their docket which we were in selection for, the defendant who was charged with burglary was standing there trying to look had as hell. Not some young punk either, I'd say in 40's.

If I was up there I would not be playing the tough guy state you down game with the group that is charged with deciding my guilt.

Just Sayin'

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Home Proxy Server or Service

I am at a loss as to what to do with oldest child. I have all of the family's electronics with the exception of the home PC under lock and key. She still is staying up hours on end getting to electronics. If not electronics then drawing or reading.

This week we have had two incidents. The first was youngest daughter came in my room at 3:00 and was on the home Mac. My little one thought it was me. Of course when she heard my bedroom door open she bolted to her room. She had been on it for 3 hours. Last night she took her moms ipad out of her tote bag and was watching videos on YouTube. Luckily, I hope, wifi was on. She has 20-30 cartoons in the browser history. Not sure exactly how long.

This is my Aspie so she does not always see things and have self control.

I'm trying to figure out what to do to get control of the situation.

Also with her getting older and the boy being not far behind I need to get control of web traffic. 

I have an ASUS router. It allows me to set time windows for devices on a device level. It lets me set firewall rules on a global level. While I can block the number 1 offender I have to block it for everyone. Plus if she gets on the wife's ipad she'll switch to cellular and run the bill through the roof.

Any ideas?

I'd love to setup a proxy that could be applied to home devices with device and time specific restrictions. Even better if it could be used to manage mobile devices over the cell network because phones are in the near future for these kids, within a year or two much to my dismay.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Felony Search Warrant Executed on the Bieb

LA Sherrif showed extreme restraint in executing a felony Search warrant on the Bieb's property. 

The warrant was for egging a neigbors house.

11 units were dispatched to execute the warrant and search of the property.

Welcome to the police state boys. Give us any reson and it will be used for us to put our jackboot on your neck.

This is rediculous. This is criminal mischief and vandalism. What were they looking for? Eggs? 

Officer those are free range eggs, the ones used were farm raised.

I mean come on. 
They did arrest one person for felony possession of cocaine. That just shows once they're in they will look for anything. The incident is just the key to get in the door.

I guess depending on the amount of damage it could be felony vandalism due to cost of damage and cleanup but still. Way over the top.

I'm sure the officers time could have been better used trying to stop gangs or some other real crime they have in their liberal utopia.

I wonder if this is the same unit they use to Cold call on prohibit persons in possession of firearms.